COSMOS project

COSMOS project is a set of tools and layers that provides near-real time information extracted from satellite data and complementary sources.

Why COSMOS as your solution ? Because it has valuable information and it's cheaper than any comparable solution available on the market.

While environmental monitoring, land use planning and weather information systems are well fed with data from various sources, few data originating from satellite sensors are actually digested by these systems. The Continuous Observation System Mapper from Orbital Sensors (COSMOS) complements the ecosystem of data generation based on near-real time satellite data. What differentiate COSMOS to other comparable system is its level of automation and optimization in data processing. Thanks to a flexible but robust infrastructure setup for COSMOS, we are able to deliver the product to new costumers that were hindered to use such data in the past by the resource allocation that was required. To understand what is really COSMOS, the best is to have a look at what it provides and what it does NOT provide.

What COSMOS provides ?

  • COSMOS offers information layers and various tools to access them.

  • The information provided by COSMOS is based on satellite data and complementary sources, meaning that the satellite data are the primary source leading to the information generation

  • Since the information layers are mainly based on satellite data, the information is delivered with a lag of few hours (up to few days)

What COSMOS does not provide ?

COSMOS complements the information providing from meteorological models, webcam images and weather stations from example. Information provided by COSMOS is similar but not identical by its nature to these others data source

COSMOS does not provide predictions for future hours or days due to its nature. However, COSMOS could be ingested by a meteorological model for better weather prediction. However, since would be out of the scope of the COSMOS project.

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